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Cherie Smith, MA, LPC, EMDR, AAT honors the whole person and believes change happens from understanding one’s unique life story. She advocates for the hope that change can happen, regardless of one’s history.

Her personal philosophy embraces the idea that there must be an internal awareness for the necessity of change before healing and growth can occur. Cherie welcomes and honors the responsibility each client entrusts her with in aiding him or her into that awareness and through the journey of change.


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Our staff at All Seasons Counseling, LLC, understands how possible it is to be charged with an alcohol related offense. With the recent drop of the legal limits, we know anyone who consumes even a minimal amount of alcohol, and drives, can be at risk for a DUI arrest. If you have found yourself in this unfortunate situation, or have had prior DUI offenses and find yourself with another one, please contact All Seasons Counseling, LLC. We’re there for you, and will help you through this difficult time.


Level I Education

This is the minimal number of hours of Education that the courts can impose. Level I Education is generally mandated when it is a first offense and a person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is in the .05-.079 range. The classes consist of a total of 12 hours. It can be fulfilled in a variety of time-efficient sessions. Not all agencies offer Level I Education, but at All Seasons Counseling, LLC, we do. The total cost of Level I Education is $500.00, which includes the intake and workbook.

Level II Education

The courts may mandate this when there are no prior offenses, but the BAC is fairly high. It can also be required if there are prior offenses with a BAC of .08 or above. The requirement to complete Level II Education is a total of 24 hours. Attending 12 2-hour sessions, one time a week, completes this requirement. Fees for Level II Education include a one-time intake fee of $80.00, which includes the workbook and administrative costs. Weekly session fees are $25.00.

Level II Therapy Treatment Tracks

Depending on the number of prior alcohol related offenses and/or the outcome of the BAC, the court may require additional therapy. This is determined by the judicial system, and possibly the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle). Any Track of Therapy that is sentenced by the courts and/or DMV will begin after the successful completion of Level II Education.

Tracks of Therapy run as followed:

Track A: 42 hours (21 weeks)

Track B: 52 hours (26 weeks)

Track C: 68 hours (34 weeks)

Track D: 86 hours (43 weeks)


The transition from Level II Education into Treatment is smooth, and weekly session fees remain at $25.00.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a combination of complimentary therapies that helps people heal from a spectrum of events. It has been successful in treating most problems, from complex trauma to disturbing life experiences. EMDR has received global recognition for relieving the effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) caused by traumatic events. Such events that cause PTSD can be rape, combat, various types of abuse, and auto accidents. EMDR has also been successful in helping people who feel distress in life to heal and feel more whole after stressful situations. Some of these situations include divorce, grief and loss, and life changes.

Frequently, when an incident occurs in a person’s life, it can be a challenge to find a way to process the event in a healthy, adaptive way. The event can become a “stuck” or “locked” memory, thus creating symptoms that are distressing or uncomfortable. Various emotional symptoms can occur, as well as disturbing thoughts, images, and even physical ramifications. Without treatment, it can continue to be displayed in outward, detrimental behaviors. People who are experiencing distress in life, and are not finding a way to fix it on his or her own, can feel confident EMDR therapy can help in finding relief.



When alcohol or other mind-altering chemicals become the central focus of your life, it can destroy everything meaningful to you. Addictions with alcohol and/or drugs not only affect your life, but the lives around you.

Life becomes a whirlwind of problems, including broken relationships, unemployment, loss of housing, involvement with the legal system, and lack of personal self-care. Substance use can hinder one’s effectiveness of daily living. But there is hope, and that whirlwind does not need to spiral out of control. We have the hope and solutions that can put you on the right track of life again. You can be free of your addiction and your life will have meaning again.

Our professional therapists specialize in working with clients who believe they have a substance use issue, whether it is from mild to severe use. If you feel you might have a substance use issue, or you have a loved one who might have one, please give us a call today. Let’s get started in the process of recovery today.

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Anger is an entirely normal, healthy emotion, which everyone experiences at one time or another. Anger can be a healthy emotion because it can warn us of threatening situations and danger, which leads to actions for self-preservation. When out of control, anger can become destructive and have devastating consequences.

A few of the consequences of anger are physical injury to yourself and others, legal problems, depression, isolation, and anxiety. Anger can also contribute to health problems, such as high blood pressure, headaches, heart problems, skin ailments, and digestive issues. The effects of anger can cause feelings of helplessness, guilt, and defeat. But you do not need to continue this vicious cycle.

Anger is a misunderstood emotion. Our knowledgeable therapists can help you understand the root of your anger, and how to change your life. It does not have to control you anymore.

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Our highly qualified staff provides traditional therapy for individual and couples, as well as families.

If you’re having stumbling blocks in certain areas of your life, hurdles to get over in your relationship, or having difficulties in your family unit, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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